According to the latest results of a study by the BDD, the direct sales market generated a total turnover of 20.33 billion euros in 2022, which means that the current growth of the industry is a staggering 6.9%, and we at Crea Union make sure that our customers grow with it.
To restate, direct selling is a form of distribution where products or services are sold directly to the end customer, without the use of intermediaries. This form of distribution is becoming increasingly popular as it offers many advantages for both customers and companies.
For customers, direct selling is convenient and efficient as they can usually buy products and services directly from their homes or workplaces. They can test the products before buying and get advice from a personal consultant. In addition, they can often buy the products at a lower price than in retail stores.
For businesses, direct selling is an inexpensive and effective way to distribute their products and services. They can sell their products directly to the end customer without the use of intermediaries, thus reducing their distribution costs. They can also build a direct relationship with their customers and get to know their customers better.
The future of retail belongs to direct sales.

Why is that?

  • Customers prefer direct sales because it is convenient and efficient.
  • Companies can reduce their distribution costs by selling their products directly to the end customer.
  • Direct selling enables a direct relationship between companies and customers.
  • Direct selling is a future-proof form of distribution that will continue to develop in the future.

Crea Union: We make sure our customers grow with us
We are a leading provider of software and solutions for direct selling, helping our clients to achieve their sales goals and delight their customers. We offer our clients a broad portfolio of solutions that cover the entire direct selling value chain. Crea Union’s solutions include:

CRM systems

  • Sales portals
  • Marketing software
  • Training software
  • E-learning platforms

We have set ourselves the goal of offering our customers the best solutions for direct sales. We support our customers in achieving their sales goals and inspiring their customers.
This looks like this, for example:

  • CRM systems, enable them to manage their customer relationships. This enables customers to get to know their customers better and to improve their customer relationships.
  • We offer sales portals that enable them to sell their products and services online. This allows clients to reduce their distribution costs and increase their reach.
  • Marketing software, enables them to promote their products and services. This allows clients to raise their profile and increase their sales.
  • We provide training software that enables them to train their sales force. This enables clients to improve the performance of their sales staff and achieve their sales goals.
  • Crea Union provides clients with e-learning platforms that enable them to train their staff online. This allows clients to train their employees regardless of their location and improve their employee satisfaction.

You are looking for a reliable partner for companies involved in direct sales, we as Crea Union provide our clients with the best direct sales solutions and help them achieve their sales goals and delight their customers.