Ljubljana, 24 June 2023 – At the renowned “Hyla International Convention” in Ljubljana, Süleyman Daral presented groundbreaking services for all international importers for the first time: a comprehensive software solution that catapults HYLA Germany into the digital future. Thanks to a partnership with Crea Union, the entire company has been fully digitalised with a 360-degree approach.. Managing incoming goods to merchandise management, shipping, the online shop, sales, training and commission accounting – all areas of the company were optimised, using Crea Union’s own software “onPartner” and “onAcademy”, among others.

HYLA International

Since its foundation in 1999, HYLA International has achieved success with its air and room cleaning systems. HYLA Germany, as the name suggests, is headquartered in Germany and is itself an established company that is one of the most successful in the international arena.
HYLA International is one of the market leaders in over 80 countries and has over 6000 employees around the globe.

The new joint approach enables HYLA to seamlessly integrate and optimize all processes. Automating workflows significantly enhances the company’s efficiency and productivity. Digitalization of the entire operation leads to drastic workflow improvements and allows HYLA employees to focus on their core tasks.

“With our assistance, HYLA has taken a big step towards digital transformation. Our software solution provides them with a comprehensive and customized platform to optimize their business processes and maximize their full potential” said Süleyman Daral, CEO of Crea Union. “We are proud to be part of this significant change and delighted that the software for HYLA Germany has been so positively received at the HYLA International Convention.”

The partnership between Crea Union and HYLA demonstrates that effective digitalization is essential in today’s business world. Companies must continuously optimize and modernize their processes to remain competitive and meet digital demands. Crea Union has proven that we possess the expertise to support companies in successfully shaping their digital transformation.

Crea Union, a subsidiary of Seedcom Holding, is a leading software development company providing tailored solutions for businesses of all sizes. With a team of highly qualified experts, Crea Union specializes in developing innovative software solutions that help customers optimize their business processes and increase efficiency. The company focuses on intelligent software solutions and places great emphasis on user-friendly interfaces and customized offerings.

The successful collaboration between Crea Union and HYLA demonstrates that efficient digitalization is possible through the right combination of technology and expertise. By taking such an innovative approach, HYLA showcases its courage to adopt digitalization to maintain its competitiveness.