What do we offer you?

As a growth-oriented expert/service provider, do you need modern solutions in order to be able to support and motivate your customers effectively and sustainably? Become a reseller and we will support you profitably with our software and marketing concepts.

Experience a whole new form of networking! We support you in group and individual appointments with first-class webinars, workshops and product training. We also provide you with web and print design as a free service.

You are the expert and inspire your customers

In your field you are the expert your customers benefit from your knowledge,
your service, your content and then work with your added value.

We supply you with successful software

Since 2008 we create software and marketing solutions for our customers and support
these in the long term. We see ourselves as aninnovative and reliable partner at the side
our customers and actively promote their projects with state-of-the-art applications.

onPartner MLM Software
onGroup Community Software

Together we are invincible

Together we can offer your customers added value. You will be perfectly prepared for the cooperation with all the necessary information, advertising opportunities and training. You can advertise the desired software solutions independently or in cooperation with us and inspire potential customers. As a reseller partner, you will of course have access to all jointly defined software from our company. You will find your individual purchase conditions in the conditions.

Common potentials

I’m sure there are plenty of opportunities. Sometimes, however, they are not obvious –
maybe the following ideas that we have been able to collect in recent years will help:

Common potentials

I’m sure there are plenty of opportunities. Sometimes, however, they are not obvious –
maybe the following ideas that we have been able to collect in recent years will help:

Do your customers advertise themselves and their services through their performance? How about asking your customers how they handle the leads they have gained?

As a solution, we have our online marketing automation software onLead, which can handle leads completely automatically and dynamically. New customer acquisition/customer retention is feasible with onAcademy, for example if your customer works in a specific subject area and provides free educational content.

We offer your customers the best opportunities to expand their own sales with new distribution channels. With the onPartner software you can easily turn any company into a direct sales company.

Here we can offer a partnership solution by you providing the content and we providing the technology. It works pretty easy. Are you an expert in your field and have access to companies interested in using your learning content?

With onAcademy, we provide the right educational platform and offer a powerful complete solution. Whether mandatory courses with proof checks, web conferencing or blended learning modules, onAcademy leaves nothing to be desired in the field of learning management systems (LMS).

If it is not a specific product from us, may your customer need a completely unusual software based on their own ideas and approaches? With our team, we are also happy to build individual web softwarefor yourcustomers.

Become a reseller of onPartner, onAcademy oronLead. We offer you software solutions that benefit everyone. The opportunities we offer you are enormous: Increasing sales, expanding the product portfolio, actively promoting customer loyalty are just some of the reasons to become an active reseller for Crea Union softwares.

If your customers are looking for ways to deliver educational content, efficiently manage e-mail marketing or work in D2C sales, as a reseller we can offer you products to meet these needs with onAcademy, onLead and the proven MLM software onPartner.
Customer loyalty and increased sales go hand in hand with us.

A good planning is the beginning

For a successful and goal-oriented fulfillment of orders, the division of roles should be clear in addition to a good agreement. Below we show you our phase-oriented services. Everything transparent and in close coordination with you.

Process of our cooperation:

If your customer shows interest by your approach, we will present the possible solutions to your customers via live webinars and identify initial solutions so that the desired software can be offered and implemented according to their needs.

Depending on your needs, we will provide you with the appropriate conditions for setting up/provisioning the software, so that you can then approach your customers. Of course, you can expand the services and conditions as you like.

As soon as the client signs, we start working.

We also gladly set up the software on your behalf after direct consultation with your customers and run the onboarding of the relevant persons.
We take care of the design and functionsThe content is maintained by you or your customer. You don’t need any special technical knowledge. The platform is absolutely easy to use. We will of course provide you with trainings and seminars for the handling. 

Our media agents are available to support you and accompany you/your customers in the further use. We also accept requests for extensions or error messages via the ticket system and give feedback. Server and software stability is ensured in 24/monitoring. The same applies to backups.

The original software contract is concluded with us. Therefore, we invoice the customer. After receipt of payment you will immediately receive a credit for the agreed conditions from us. As long as the customer pays us, you will receive permanent credits. This also applies, of course, to recurring payments.



All briefly summarized important information.

The cooperation gives you another opportunity to expand your services for your customers and thus achieve customer loyalty. In addition, the pure brokerage generates permanent sales (commission) for you, because we remunerate every sales and consequently also the monthly licenses (lifetime, as long as the customer pays, you benefit from the sales).

Simply where it fits. You can inform your customers that you now have good and reliable connections to software solutions. Feel free to include our texts, graphics and videos on your website. If your customer is interested, just send us an info and we will take care of everything else (of course ONLY in consultation with you). We explain the solutions and show ways.

We’ll take care of it. Basically, the pure mediation to potential interested parties is enough for us, everything else we do in close consultation with you.

If it suits our customers and opportunities, we are happy to do so. We firmly believe that everyone should always do what they are best at. And so we are glad to mediate with experts.

We work on a voluntary and cooperative basis. There are no obligations. If you think our solutions would suit you/your customers, then let us know and we will discuss everything else with you.

As soon as you contact us, we will send you possible dates for a non-binding info webinar. Here we explain the entire concept and of course also show you our solutions. If everything suits you, we’ll get started together and talk about possible customer approaches or a specific approach. To ensure that you have certainty for the placement fee, there will be a written agreement for the cooperation.

With onAcademy, your customers will run their own digital academy and create, promote and, if desired, communicate their own educational or promotional products according to their own wishes and conditions. This solution is ideally suited for internal training and/or as an educational platform for your clients.

Or how about onGroup? This solution allows your customers to create a real social community, add customers/employees/partners and interact with them. Profiles, groups, timelines, bulletin boards these are all things we already use every day. The difference is, it could become your own platform that runs with your rules and works for you.

If your customers also want to explore new ways in sales, then we should consider our direct sales or recommendation marketing software. onPartner provides the all-in-one solution for you, from sales motivation, goods dispatch to commission statement, bonus payments and reward concepts.

onLead is the all-rounder for campaigns. The aim is to animate or reactivate leads by means of marketing automation. Your customers create their own funnel systems, set up their own follow-up e-mail concept and promote it with landing pages all just with one software. Ideally suited for working with existing customers or, of course, for attracting new interested parties.

onTipp turns end customers into happy tippers and brings new customers. An online software to promote and manage referral marketing activities between customers and their sales. In this way, we ensure that active recommendations are made by end customers, used, monitored and remunerated by your customers.


You will receive a partner contract from us to benefit from a lifetime reseller fee when users register due to your activities.

ONTIPP EP/SB Setup 15% einmalig
Lizenz p.M. 10% fortlaufend
ONPARTNER EP Setup 15% einmalig
Lizenz p.M. 10% fortlaufend
APPFIX EP / Indi Setup 10% einmalig
Lizenz p.M. 10% fortlaufend
ONGROUP Setup 10% einmalig
Lizenz p.M. 10% fortlaufend
ONACADEMY (SB/BB) Setup 40% einmalig
Lizenz p.M. 25% fortlaufend
ONLEAD BB Setup 20% einmalig
Lizenz p.M. 10% fortlaufend
ONMAG (SB/MB) Lizenz 10% einmalig
SEMINARE Leistung 20% einmalig

*The basic commission always refers to the realized sales, after deduction of possible special conditions/discounts

Remuneration model

The special feature of our remuneration models is the combination of one-off and recurring services, which enables successful distributors to build up lasting income. You will receive a monthly statement with all relevant content and a constant overview of your activities, as well as brokered contracts and customers.