“#WELCOMED {phon. Hoschgeldin} means something like ‘Nice that YOU came’… The positive response to this would be #WEFOUND {phon. Hoschbulduk} ‘Thank you, we find the reception very pleasant’ »» That’s how we feel too – and we are very happy that we can now offer our activities for #DirectSales beyond the borders of Europe.

Many thanks to the Direct Selling Association  for the warm gathering. We are truly excited about the intense cooperation. Under the leadership of our manager Orçun ŞENTÜRK, we will together promote and make international direct sales more accessible.

What happened? The CREA group has founded an additional company in #Izmir (Turkey). With currently 15 employees, we will support the German team from here, with the focus tending towards modules for existing software and individual solutions.

From now on, our customers will benefit not only from more IT performance, but also from local knowledge about personnel, procurement, finance, warehousing/logistics, and sales for the Turkish/German market. Real sales promotion and a solid bridge indeed!

Süleyman Daral, Co-Founder of the CREA Group, personally adds: “We take cooperation with associations very seriously and live a mutually – effective, -profitable, and -dedicated cooperation. Therefore, it is naturally important for us to continue the successful association work that we know and love from the Federal Association of Direct Sales Germany e.V. – BDD in Turkey.”