Crea Union GmbH is currently able to enjoy a new registered user of its educational software. One of the leading business publishers in the German-speaking countries, GABAL, is now using the onAcademy software to expand its offerings digitally.

Gabal is the practice publisher, among the business publishers in the fields of business, success and life. The publishing house sees itself as an enabler and inspiration, a source of inspiration and career companion for all those who want to maximize their potential.

The publisher wants to become more digital, more advanced and more efficient. The Gabal eCampus now provides for this. There, the publisher bundles all digital offerings such as download materials, podcasts and videos into books. While the offer is constantly being expanded, users can individually assemble their digital content for further development.

A special focus is on the so-called WH!TEBOOKS. This printed book series contains only certain books by selected authors. The WhiteBooks are provided with QR codes, which provide buyers with additional free learning content. This learning content is managed via the educational platform onAcademy and is available to users at any time. All they have to do is register once and they will benefit from the free content and become part of a supportive community.

Having such a leading publisher as GABAL as a customer at the side is something very special for Crea Union and is therefore more than eager to work together.