Reseller concepts for agencies and sales
who advise, organise and sell at the point of sale

Reseller concepts for agencies and sales
who advise, organise and sell at the point of sale

You offer services as a PoS business and are looking for solutions to connect customers even better to you or to attract new ones?

Do you want to expand your product range with professional quality software and thus support your customers in their sales?

Increase your sales as a reseller with attractive commissions

As a reseller of our all-in-one education platform onAcademy, the proven MLM software onPartner and the online marketing solution onLead, you get it all.

We offer:

  • Attractive commissions

  • Customer loyalty

  • Special conditions for Crea Union software

  • Access to the industry and expert community of myCO

  • High quality software

Pure mediation brings you permanent commission, because we compensate every turnover that your customers make and also
monthly licences. In addition, as a reseller, you get discounted access to all our products, which you include in your product portfolio. In addition, we offer you access to the industry and expert community of myCo as a further bonus.

Our products make it possible to develop new strategies, empower employees, efficiently gain leads or inspire people to buy products or services.

Our products are the perfect complement to PoS marketing measures

Our products are the perfect complement to PoS marketing measures

You offer services as a PoS business and are looking for solutions to permanently retain or win new customers?

Are you looking for a way to train employees or offer your customers a platform that they can use as an information and education portal?

Do you want to expand your product range with quality software and reach more customers?

Increase your customer loyalty and sales

If your customers are looking for ways to deliver educational content, run e-mail marketing efficiently or work in D2C sales, as a reseller we offer products to meet these needs with onAcademy, onLead and. the proven MLM software onPartner. Customer loyalty and increased sales go hand in hand with us.

Our products enable new strategies for you and your customers
develop, empower employees or inspire people to buy products or services.

A classic win-win-win situation

As a reseller of onAcademy, onPartner or onLead, we offer you an excellent way to expand your product portfolio.
With onAcademy, we provide you and your customers with the perfect tool to train and promote employees internally, to offer products in D2C sales or to operate quality assuranceonAcademy can also be used as an open educational portal to present yourself, recruit new employees and actively promote sales.

onPartner is the software that not only maps sales processes, but also proactively supports all users with concrete requests for action and as an online solution enables the central control of all important processes.

With onLead, high-quality leads can be generated thanks to customized marketing campaigns and forwarded directly to integrated landing pagesThis allows you to act as the first point of contact for customers who want to optimize their sales even outside your own market. In addition, you can retain existing customers even more strongly because, in addition to your regular product range, you have additional incentives to contact you first with sales questions and challenges.

Overall, you strengthen the external perception of your brand. By distributing our products, you generate added value that benefits all parties involved. A classic win-win-win situation.


The reseller products

onAcademy is the learning management system (LMS), which allows your customers to create their own educational content and to promote it according to their own wishes and conditions and sell it if desired. Learn more about onAcademy.

The LMS system can of course also be used for internal educational purposes and onboarding. You can implement online trainings, webinars, web conferences and much more with onAcademy.

onPartner is the all-in-one sales software for direct sales/networks. onPartner is one of the most modern sales software solutions on the market, which manages far more than just data, but consciously and specifically addresses and promotes the sales and D2C (Direct To Customer)-sales channels. Learn more about onPartner.

onLead is our e-mail marketing software specializing in sales. Create individual e-mail campaigns including landingpages and funnel systems for your sales teams and then distribute them with individual links. Learn more about onLead.

onAcademy features

  • Adjustable pricing model

  • Security and data protection

  • Intelligent design

  • Safe communication

  • Landingpage editor

onPartner features

  • The most modern solution on the market

  • 100 % online mit live values

  • Security and data protection

  • Automation and high degree of individualization

  • Central access and control

  • Secure payment processing, downlinebuilder tool

onLead features

  • Landingpage based campaigns including funnel systems

  • Firmenbasierte Vorlagen für Ihre Kunden
  • Lead generation and management

  • Including newsletter delivery options

  • Central access and control

  • 100 % responsive e-mail templates

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