There is more behind BalanzRock than just a food supplement. The company was founded by experts and distributors who want to live a special and social way of doing business.

Their products support the important interaction of the well-known brain-gut-skin axis, not only on a visible level but also and above all on the level of the microbiome. All BalanzRock products are thus ideally coordinated with each other and ensure a better balance of the meta-organism.

Their vision is to help people achieve a holistically successful future through inner balance with their high-quality products and services. They enable their customers to find their balance again, physically, mentally and emotionally, while they help their sales partners to become independent.

Crea Union provides the technical support. While the sales and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software onPartner handles operations and sales, the education platform onAcademy can support onboarding and train the sales partners. This keeps them up to date with their product know-how.

Crea Union GmbH is proud to be able to support another innovative and sustainable company with its services and wishes BalanzRock continued success.

You can find more information about BalanzRock at