Founded in 1980, the direct sales and multi-level marketing company Pampered Chef is one of the leading among its peers. Founder Doris Christopher believed in valuable tips and practical tools to make everyday cooking quicker and easier.

The company sells not only high-quality kitchen utensils. At cooking shows on site or via video call – independent consultants present unique products and help prepare simple and delicious recipes. They give tips and tricks on how to make cooking at home more effortless and at the same time more enjoyable. Pampered Chef believes that cooking brings people together. The experience helps them reach their full potential at home and in their daily lives.

Pampered Chef has entrusted Crea Motion Ltd. with a special order. Together with videographer Alexander Stiben of Cinematics, they were allowed to shoot a creative image film. From the screenplay to scene settings, speaker texts and speaker selection to extras recruitment and decorations, Crea Motion’s media team took care of the entire implementation. The course and implementation of the cooking shows are presented in a vivid and informative way in the film, giving insights into what customers can expect.

Over two days, the entire team was working on the film at a location in Winterberg and the result is impressive.