onPartner offers you flexible interfaces and payment processing
including many providers and options for using internal currencies.

We offer connections to logistics interfaces, ERP systems, merchandise management systems and financial accounting interfaces. Other interfaces include tools for online marketing automation, community software, apps and games.

Payment Integration

We integrate the most common payment providers in our software and help you to handle payment processes automatically and securely.

Broker Pools

We offer you interfaces to renowned broker pools. Documents and data from financial services can be easily transferred, synchronised, evaluated and used for your commission settlement in our onPartner software.

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Financial accounting

onPartner provides you with interfaces to the most common software solutions which are used by companies, tax consultants, auditors and educational institutions across Germany in the area of financial accounting.


We provide logistics interfaces for the leading service providers in the industry. You can use our applications to identify the best customised shipping services and optimal conditions for your services.

ERP systems and merchandise management

We have implemented various interfaces to the accounting software of leading service providers. Use our applications to process financially relevant business processes quickly, securely and transparently.

Overview of additional integrations and APIs

Online marketing automation

Use our interface onLead and benefit from all the advantages of the all-in-one online marketing software in interaction with onPartner.

  • Specially developed for sales and distribution

  • Analysis tools with detailed evaluations

  • Funnel builder for time- and action-driven processes

Online academy

onPartner also offers you interfaces to our online learning platform onAcademy. Learning products can be marketed and also sold directly via the portal including invoice generation and all common extensions for order processing.

  • Automation processes for follow-up e-mails, registrations and more

  • Implement advanced training and education easily

  • Encrypted communication and data protection according to GDPR


BeatX is the sales motivator app for your sales business. All important key figures from our onPartner software can be used directly for exciting challenges. Sales successes of the sales partners can be used for commission calculations.

  • Native app and PWA available for your sales partners

  • Step-by-step creation of user challenges and sales motivators

  • Integrated bonus system

Community software

The interface of onPartner with onGroup helps you to work even more effectively and successfully. Manage your new contacts with ease.

  • Manage and optimise contacts and daily workflows

  • Generate new contacts with ease

  • Work more productive and more successful

GoodBarber, Crea Union App

The entire onPartner software is designed for the use of apps. We can provide you with individual apps, all of which have an interface to onPartner.

  • Native apps for iOS or Android

  • Corporate design

  • Accessible anytime and anywhere

Webpage builder

Individual websites, shops, landing pages and apps which are also all controlled by onPartner.

  • Individual websites

  • Shops, landing pages

  • Custom branding and design